Crispin Master Control Automation

The Crispin Team

We are family and friend people

Crispin is a highly efficient, innovative and profitable company with employees who work passionately to deliver products and services that are a staple of content distributors and broadcasters.

At Crispin, we understand the importance of listening to our clients and treating them as family. The care we bring to our families is the same one we bring to our work. We’d love for you to get to know us a little better.

Management Team

David Jones
VP IMS / Business Unit Head
Sara Biron
Senior Director of Sales, Marketing and Operations
Joe Walker
VP of Technology and Product Solutions / Deputy CTO
Jim Zagrobelny
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Sales & Administration Team

Gary Cooper
Sr. Account Manager
Jim Davis
Account Manager
Nicolette Hong
Business Manager

Product Development Team

Ed Molina
Director of Software Development
Robert Navarro
Senior Software Engineer
Harpreet Kaur
Senior Software Engineer
Namra Desai
Software Engineer
Romir Seth
Software Engineer
Sarah Doss
Software Engineer
Meghana Nayak
Software Developer
Aren Durham
Quality Control Specialist

Technical Services Team

Cleveland Williams
Technical Services Manager
John Evans
Sr. Project Manager and Tier 3 Specialist
Chris Dodson
Technical Services Engineer
Rich Sharp
Technical Services Engineer
Zack Windham
Technical Services Engineer
Eddie Raye
Technical Services Engineer