Crispin Master Control Automation

Meghana Nayak | Software Developer

Meghana Nayak, our talented Software Developer 3 has a passion for navigating the dynamic world of technology. Originally from Shimoga, India, Meghana completed her undergraduate studies in engineering, before moving to the US where she got her master’s degree from NC State. With a diverse background that includes roles as a Python developer and software engineer, Meghana brings a wealth of experience in adapting to various programming languages.

“I have worked in the healthcare industry and the energy industry but I really wanted to explore and get exposure to the broadcast industry so I can learn more about different industries.” She says. 

In her current role at Crispin, Meghana thrives on the challenges presented by her day-to-day tasks and enjoys the creative process of software development while accommodating changing parameters. As a valuable member of the team at Crispin, Meghana appreciates the supportive and friendly atmosphere,  and how it fosters a continuous learning environment.

Beyond the realm of technology, Meghana’s interests extend to a variety of hobbies. She enjoys board games and quality time with friends and embraces the outdoors, engaging in activities like hiking and day trips, and is particularly captivated by the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains during the fall. Meghana is not only a skilled professional but also an adventurous spirit who loves trying new things, like skiing and mini-golf.

In her personal life, she shares her journey with her husband, who works at Microsoft. One aspect that defines Meghana is her unwavering commitment to respect, a value she holds dear and considers impossible to give up.

With a background rich in experience and a vibrant personality, Meghana Nayak is a valuable asset to our team, bringing a unique blend of technical expertise and a love for exploration and learning.