Crispin Master Control Automation

our history


How it all began

Founded in 1997, in Phoenix, Arizona, Alan DeVaney recognized a growing need in the broadcast automation industry…Having worked directly in TV and the broadcast automation field, Alan realized that the industry needed simple systems and inexpensive software for video servers. This led Alan to reach out to Carlos Cela, a software developer/writer out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tegna Foundation

A Solution was made

Together, the two began developing the first, of a long line, of modular solutions to meet this need. Without outside investors, they spent time and resources to create the most user friendly and simple solution for such a complex field and began building the company one customer at a time.



A Name was chosen

Alan and Carlos soon realized that they were ahead of the game in terms of offering customizable products and systems for the industry and quickly decided that a partnership should be formed in order to provide these innovative products to the industry.

The company name “Crispin“ was chosen for several reasons. Both Alan and Carlos were Picasso fans and “Crispin” is one of Pablo Picasso’s many given names. Crispin is also a nickname that Carlos’s mother gave him at an early age due to his highly creative range of talents.

The name Crispin now represents creativity and outside-the-box thinking as the name of a technology development company, but also provided a personal and family connection that has been so important to both of the founders.


Upward mobility

Over the years Alan and Carlos worked together to further develop the line of products offered by the company. In 2003, Carlos moved on in another direction and Alan became the sole owner of Crispin and continued to move the company towards where it is today. Now offering a wide range of broadcast automation, asset management, archive, newsroom management products and much more, Crispin continues to offer ease of use systems and outstanding customer service.


Growing Together

In 2017, longtime industry partner, Sony, acquired Crispin. They celebrated at NAB 2017, then went right back to providing their customers with the same level of service they’d grown accustomed to over the previous 20 years.

A New Product Suite is Born

Crispin launched CORE, a new suite of browser-based products to support the evolution of the industry and the need for more flexibility in deployment and control.  CORE has been proven to provide the same reliability and redundancy while improving workflows and added features.

Based out of Raleigh, NC

Crispin Corporation prides itself on continuing to evolve to meet the needs of each customer. By staying a small subsidiary of Sony, Crispin is able to stay true to the values of integrity and customer service they always have, while also living in a big company world.  Sony has provided security in order to continue providing and developing solutions to meet the ever-changing marketplace.