Crispin Master Control Automation

Cleveland Williams | Technical Services Manager

Crispin’s Technical Services Manager, Cleveland Williams, has a knack for helping people, especially in the world of information technology.

With a background in IT, tech support and network engineering, he is excited to bring that knowledge to the world of broadcasting as he helps support Crispin’s customers. He says, “It’s been fascinating to learn about the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes in a station powered by Crispin’s technology.”

In this role, Cleveland will offer support to Crispin’s customer base and help troubleshoot issues as they arise. Each day brings different opportunities and challenges and he looks forward to continuing to grow in his IT career.

His colleagues have made the transition to this industry easy for him from the start. “From my first day, everyone has been so friendly. It’s truly like a family atmosphere, where we all work together with a common goal in mind,” he explains.

Originally from Florida, Cleveland has lived all around the country, before finally settling in Raleigh to be closer to his family. When he’s not working, he enjoys hanging out with his roommate, watching all the latest action movies, playing video games like Destiny and Call of Duty and cheering on Tampa Bay sports teams. He also likes to tap into his creative side, by making custom RPG dice for Dungeons and Dragons and other role playing games.

However, his biggest passion is making and eating delicious food. “I love learning to cook new things and experimenting in the kitchen. I’m always looking to learn new techniques so I can make new dishes, but my favorite thing to make and eat is BBQ,” he says. He’s a fan of different types of BBQ from around the country and looks forward to sampling some authentic North Carolina BBQ as soon as possible.