Technical Services Engineer, Rich Sharp, joined the Crispin team with a unique perspective: He used the Crispin software for more than a decade in his previous role working on the broadcast side of a television station. During that time, he frequently worked with the Crispin team, developing genuine friendships with the people on the other side of the phone.

When the opportunity for a position as a Technical Services Engineer became available, it seemed like a natural fit for Rich to become part of the team he’d been working with for so many years. Rich says, “It’s been great putting faces to the voices I’ve been talking to over the last 12 years. It feels like I’m working with old friends.”

His extensive background in the broadcasting industry, and in particular, his previous knowledge of the Crispin software has been an asset from the beginning. He was able to answer a support question that came through on his first day on the job! “Being able to problem-solve on the fly is a critical part of finding success in this position. My familiarity with the Crispin software has helped me hit the ground running in this new role,” says Rich.

With a superhero heart, Rich had enjoying his extensive comic book collection that he started in 1977, recently selling his whole collection. A self-proclaimed “comic book fanatic,” Rich paid for two years of college with his collection, a trip to Greece and even named his son, Logan Xavier, after Wolverine and Professor X from the X-Men comics.

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Rich made the move to Raleigh, North Carolina once he joined the Crispin team. He’s enjoying the warmer weather and closeness to the mountains and the beach.

In the meantime, the beautiful Triangle area gives Rich a chance to explore another one of his favorite hobbies: photography. “Whether it’s with my Canon DSLR or just the camera on my phone, I take pictures everywhere I go.”

Rich has experience in front of the camera too, having appeared on various television segments at his previous station, doing a tutorial on how to make paper snowflakes and, in a fitting role for him, asking comic book trivia questions on-air.

It all ties back to his love of the broadcasting industry as a whole and why he’s excited to continue his career in his role at Crispin.