Crispin Master Control Automation

Chris Dodson | Technical Services Engineer

Technical Services Engineer, Chris Dodson, joins the Crispin team with a unique perspective. He spent eight years working at the University of Alabama’s campus television station, which uses Crispin servers for Master Control. 

He joined the station right after graduating, having worked as the program director for the school’s radio station while he was a student, where he first got his start in broadcasting.

Chris says, “I worked as a Master Control Operations Manager at Alabama for about five years, so I was very familiar with Crispin and its solutions. I loved my job, but I had been thinking and talking to some of my mentors about taking a new leap in my career. When I saw Crispin’s Technical Services Engineer position open up, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Chris has always had a technical mind, even as a child when he’d take apart electronics like the family VCR just to see how it worked. That curiosity has served him well over the years, and now he spends his days using that same mindset to troubleshoot and problem-solve for Crispin customers. “I get a lot of satisfaction out of talking people through issues and coming up with solutions that can help them get back to their work. This role is truly a perfect fit for me,” he says. 

Born and raised in Alabama, Chris and his wife, Ashley, made the move to Raleigh when Chris accepted the job at Crispin. “We love the small-town feel of the area, even though it’s a bigger city. We’re excited to start exploring even more now that we’ve settled in,” he says.

When he’s not working, Chris spends time relaxing and watching Netflix, playing video games, volunteering at his church doing production work, and making his friends and family laugh with one of his signature jokes. 

And, of course, you can find him cheering on University of Alabama sports, particularly their softball and football teams. After all, he’ll never forget his roots.