Crispin Master Control Automation

Eddie Raye | Technical Services Engineer

Technical Services Engineer, Eddie Raye, has a background in broadcasting, albeit from a different vantage point than in his role at Crispin. Before joining our team, Eddie spent more than 25 years working in radio.

He explains, “Everything that I’ve learned over the years has been from developing a genuine interest and picking it up without formal training. I’ve always asked questions and chased after roles I have an interest in. I got my start in radio promotional work, and then out at an event, I started talking to an engineer, asking questions about what he was doing. He ended up teaching me everything I needed to know and I moved up from there.”

During his time working in radio, Eddie eventually became a Chief Engineer’s Assistant and an IT Manager, where he got more into the technical side of things. That experience eventually led him to Crispin, where he’s putting that IT knowledge to work as he helps our customers troubleshoot issues and get the most out of their Crispin systems.

He says that making the transition from a longtime radio career has been easy thanks to his colleagues at Crispin. “The people here are fantastic. Everyone is down to earth and happy to help, which has made it easy for me to get up to speed in this role,” he says.

Originally from Las Vegas, Eddie grew up around performers. His dad was a lounge club singer, and his great-aunt, Martha Raye, was a noted actress and singer. With a bit of showbiz in his blood, in his free time, he enjoys singing tunes from just about every genre and dueting with his daughter when she’s visiting from college.

Eddie, his wife Kelly, and their kids Piper, Maxwell, and Logan, live in Apex, where they enjoy watching movies together. They have a dog named Blu and a tuxedo cat named Mr. Thackery Binx. When he’s not working, Eddie coaches his son’s soccer team, and enjoys tinkering with things; a testament to his curious brain and continuous drive to learn more.