Crispin Master Control Automation

Master Control Automation

Solution Overview

Crispin is the absolute leader in reliable, high performance master control automation.  Crispin’s user-friendly tools provide operators with the ability to ensure quality and accuracy of all on-air programming.  With customizable approaches to number of channels, workflows and even deployment option, Crispin provides a solution tailored fit to meet the expectations and needs of each of our customers. 

Multi-channel operations

Crispin’s Master Control Automation provides a powerfully simple solution that is scalable from one to hundreds of channels.  

Open & Modular

With over 27 years of broadcast experience, Crispin’s solution interfaces with the broadcast devices and 3rd party systems you need.


Expand your system, as your needs change. Repurpose your existing licensing in new ways. You get our same great technology whether you have one or hundreds of channels.

Powerfully Simple Tools

All Crispin tools are a product of years of feedback from our customers. User interfaces made for users.

Focused Asset Management

Our comprehensive suite of asset management tools completes our automation solution for content acquisition.

Sports and live operations

News, sports, and other live programming is the ultimate performance test of any automation system.  The Crispin solution sets the standard for flawless automation in live operations.

Fast Editing

Last-second edits are no problem with our proprietary technology.

Extend Device Capabilities

Our unique driver-based framework allows us to utilize TCP/IP protocols for on-air control of devices, delivering the highest performance.

Tools Ideal for Live Operations

Tools designed specifically for live environments where the potential for schedule variances are the greatest. Features such as alternate breaks from traffic, join-in-progress, schedule break aways and rejoin, and more.

Multi-site and hub operations

Whether it is central-casting, hub and spoke, remote monitor and control or other group operations, Crispin is the technology leader for operating large, networked sites across multiple time zones, wide area networks and a variety of equipment and locations.  Our product features are designed specifically to support multi-site operations.