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Solution Overview

Crispin has been an industry leading provider of Broadcast Master Control Automation and Media Asset Management solutions for over 27 years, and counting.  Our solutions have been built to be innovative, operator friendly, reliable, and modular. 


Crispin continues to invest in providing new and enhanced features and products.

Operator Friendly

Built with operators in mind, customizable, configurable, and easy to use.


Sleep-at-night reliability with over 27 years of proven performance.


Customize your solution to fit exactly your needs with the options to expand and change in the future.


As station needs have shifted and changed since our original product suite was deployed, Crispin recognized the need for a new approach.  Crispin launched CORE in 2017 starting with an enhanced browser-based playlist tool, webRPX.  Since, Crispin has continued to develop additional products to replace legacy tools, while taking advantage of years of industry experience and customer feedback being implemented directly into these new products.  

Paired with new technology platforms, Crispin continues to improve and invest in our next generation of master control and media asset management, CORE.  The CORE product suite brings browser-based user interfaces to give customers additional flexibility in controlling their system, with the same sleep-at-night reliability that made us the company we are today.


CORE offers the same reliability and redundancy that you know and love, with new features and enhanced workflows. Browser-based user interface with a central sign in for all CORE products.

Deployment Options

Traditional on-prem hardware, virtualized, cloud or a hybrid approach.

Disaster Recovery

Allows for flexible control of your playlists, as users can access remotely in the event of emergency.

Disaster Contingency

Take it a step further with CORE and set a full contingency plan. CORE can provide a true backup of your system with either an alternate location or synced control from anywhere.


CORE for Cloud Master Control (CMC) was specifically architected in a way that makes running a Crispin solution in the cloud not only efficient but operationally familiar.  CORE-CMC offers options for a full cloud playout solution to a disaster contingency or disaster recover option as well.  

With the ability to control both on-prem equipment and cloud workflows all from within the same operator user interface, CORE-CMC is the proven and preferred solution for many broadcasters looking at cloud options.

System 2000

While Crispin still supports our legacy product suite, System2000, we have continued to build and shape the next generation of products as industry needs shift and continue to change.  System2000 was built at the onset of the company’s inception and has proven to be a reliable and still preferred solution for many broadcasters today.  

Crispin believes in supporting backward compatibility for all new products which gives our current customers the ability to adapt their solution to fit the operational changes for today and the future.