Redundancy Options


What are Crispin’s redundancy options?


Crispin’s solution is built in a modular way so that you are only paying for and installing the components of the system that you need. With this concept in mind, there are a few layers of redundancy or protection that can be built into your solution, or added later when the time is right.

Crispin Redundancy Options:

  • Playlist Configuration: Crispin has the option for configuring multiple sources in your playlist. This option is configurable per playout channel, so you can pick and choose the channels that require this additional level of redundancy. This option does require your system to have a primary and backup source available for configuration.
  • Mirroring Content: When configuring a primary and backup playout server, Crispin offers content mirroring, between these servers, in order to ensure your playlist content is always available to playout from either source.
  • Backup Database: The Crispin solution is not database dependent, so once your playlist has been loaded, all details are verified via Crispin’s AssetBase and stored within the playlist. If for any reason your database becomes not accessible, your playlist will continue to execute. This allows for operational time to troubleshoot and/or restore your backup AssetBase. Crispin’s frequency of backup is configurable based on your level of comfort, but typically we suggest an hourly backup to occur.
  • AutoFailover: Crispin’s Autofailover software provides redundancy for playlist and command execution (EventServer & DeviceServer) and will automatically failover between the primary and the backup. Can also be used as a tool to manually failover to one side, or the other, for maintenance updates.
  • Upstream and Downstream Bump Options: Learn all about our Bump options here.