Hundreds of Customers & Channels in Operation

Crispin provides a wide range of technology and services for broadcasters, cable operators, universities, townships and organizations. Following are real-world examples of companies using Crispin automation solutions.



Together, Crispin and TEGNA have set the industry benchmark for hub-and-spoke joint master control.

TEGNA’s hub-and-spoke system uses a combined Crispin / Omneon / Miranda master control automation solution to consolidate operations for more than 40 stations through two hubs.

Crispin’s flexible TCP/IP-based architecture allows two or more RapidPlayX applications to simultaneously control the same playlist.

The system also provides seamless control points so that local MCOs at spoke stations can edit and execute playlists at any time in conjunction with the hub MCO.

CBS Sports New York City Logo
CBS Sports in New York City

CBS Sports has been using Crispin software since the network received rights to broadcast NFL football since 1998. Currently running 11 separate play-out rooms from their studios in New York City, CBS relies on automation solutions from Crispin to manage and control commercial insertion for all channels.

Brooklyn Community Access TV Logo
Brooklyn Community Access Television

Brooklyn Community Access Television – BRIC (BRIC Arts Media) asked Crispin to create new scheduling and asset management for their Community Producer driven workflow. Content provided by BRIC Producers (both local and internal) is managed from delivery to prep to on air utilizing Crispin’s Community System Asset Management System and the System 2000 Automation offering. Crispin’s Workflow Management solutions allow for external uploading of content to their local archive locations at BRIC.

WXYZ in Detroit, Michigan

Owned and operated by Scripps Howard Broadcasting, WXYZ-TV is an ABC affiliate serving the Detroit area and its surrounding communities. Crispin automation systems and software are used throughout the station to provide news playback, commercial insertions and program playback for multi-channel operations.

KUHT - Houston, Texas

KUHT, America’s first public television station, was able to successfully implement total station automation throughout their state-of-the-art facility by using Crispin’s System 2000 product suite. Today, KUHT has fully automated control over all master-control functions within the station including automated operations for a complete range of mixed broadcast devices.

Comcast SportsNet Logo
Comcast SportsNet

Comcast SportsNet is a group of regional sports networks owned by Comcast Corporation. CSN Mid-Atlantic (serves Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and parts of Delaware and Pennsylvania) carries some or all of the local professional teams in basketball, hockey, and soccer. They also air nightly sports-news and talk shows, post-game shows and other programming related to local National Football League teams, and a variety of college sports programming. Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic uses Crispin’s System 2000 product suite to manage their 24-hour operations including all program recordings, commercial insertions, and live program playback across multiple channels.

RTN, Raleigh NC

Raleigh Television Network or (RTN) is a state of the art television facility owned and operated by the City of Raleigh. They have four television channels on the local cable system. RTN provides the Raleigh community with information about local government activities, an information channel, educational access, as well as a community access channel to which over 120 citizen producers contribute programming. The government access channel is also streamed 24 hours a day on RTNSV. Crispin’s System 2000, in conjunction with Community, enables RTN to fully automate and manage their multi-channel operation along with their producer resource allocation and scheduling.

WDBJ 7 Roanoke Lynchburg Logo
WDBJ 7, Roanoke/Lynchburg

Owned by Gray Television, WDBJ 7, a CBS television network affiliate, is the leading station in the Roanoke/Lynchburg market. An estimated 92,000 households tune in for News 7 at 6pm and 11pm. Currently, the station produces six newscasts Monday-Friday, Friday Football Extra, and Virginia Tech Sports Today. WDBJ is using Crispin’s System 2000 product suite with fully automated control of program playback, recording, commercial insertions, and multi-channel operations.

WMAR, Baltimore ABC Affiliate

Converting from one automation system to another has always been a significant undertaking. Regardless of the system you’re migrating away from, there will always be a complex array of digital assets that need to be preserved.

In WMAR’s case, the station had years and years of video clips with metadata that would have taken hundreds of hours to manually recreate.

Using Crispin’s Database Migration Tool, WMAR was able to seamlessly transition from Harris automation to Crispin, and save almost 300 man-hours in the process.

WVUA, University of Alabama

WVUA-TV, located in the University of Alabama Bryant-Denny Football Stadium, is a major component of the University’s Digital Media Center. Students and professional staff work side-by-side to produce 13.5 hours of local news each week that broadcasts to a top 40 market. The facility also produces and airs Crimson Tide sporting events and original programming.

Crispin’s full suite of applications and hardware are the technological backbone to WVUA’s daily operations — from master control automation and asset management to newsroom services and auto archiving.