Crispin Master Control Automation

Namra Desai | Software Developer

Software Developer, Namra Desai, joins the Crispin team, working to help develop new projects and fix issues to help provide our customers with the best possible solutions. With a background in software development, Namra graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2020 with his Master’s and is excited about taking this next step in his career. 

He says, “I was looking for a company on the smaller side that would have more of a family-feel, where I could connect with my colleagues while continuing to grow my development skillset. As soon as I saw the opening at Crispin, it seemed like the perfect fit.”

Originally from Idar, a small town in India, Namra focused on his undergraduate studies before deciding to move to North Carolina. He currently lives in Charlotte, but will eventually move to Raleigh to join the rest of the Crispin team.

 “I wanted to move to a tech hub, so North Carolina was an attractive option. Plus, I already had friends and family in the area, which made it feel more like home,” he says. 

Outside of work, Namra enjoys staying active by playing sports with his friends like cricket, soccer, and volleyball. When he’s not playing himself, then he enjoys watching cricket and soccer as well. He also plays in an American pool league.

Another of his favorite pastimes is traveling with friends. They’ve currently got plans in the works to visit Miami, Las Vegas, and Seattle. He says, “Life is more fun when you get to go out and see the world. I can’t wait to get out there and start exploring with my closest friends.”