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We’re so confident that our system will perform as promised that we offer a few programs that are unheard of in the industry. Contact us below for more information about any of these amazing agreements!

Annual Support. All customers may renew support on an annual basis, following the Crispin4Life initial support. This support includes other perks like 8 hours of mapper rule changes, updates to the latest versions of software and much, much more! Annual support is based on the list price of the software total for the system and Crispin’s standard support rate is significantly less than the industry standard.

Veranda & Cameo Subscription Plans. Our subscription plans offer our automation and asset management solutions for an affordable monthly subscription fee. The subscription includes all hardware, software, service and support. There are no upfront capital costs for the purchase of hardware or software and just like all of our solutions, your system can be easily expanded, enhanced and modified as your operational needs change.

Public Media Management. Crispin is always available to support any and all customers in the event of an emergency. PMM customers are typically routed through WGBH’s support line as the first call for support, but you know we will always pick up the phone! For more info please visit:

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Contact us for more information about any of these amazing agreements!