WDBJ Implements Crispin and WideOrbit BXF Interface

WDBJ television of Roanoke Virginia has implemented a new full-featured, real-time BXF interface between Crispin master control automation and WideOrbit traffic systems. The BXF interface provides an automated and dynamic information exchange between WideOrbit traffic and Crispin automation that replaces the manual exchange of files with a real-time data interface.

In addition to replacing some of the previous manual tasks with automated messages, the BXF interface adds new functionality such as live playlist editing from traffic to automation and real-time frame-accurate meta data exchange. “This is a much needed step forward,” explained Alan Novitsky, Director of Engineering at WDBJ, “it’s saving a lot of time for both engineering and traffic.”

Previously when spot changes are made by sales and traffic, those changes had to be made manually by master control operators using a printed report, or a phone call, which was both time consuming and potentially prone to error. “Now when traffic wants to change something, the message is received right away in master control with a pop-up message,” explained Novitsky, “and the operator can choose to accept the change and the list is changed automatically.”

Novitsky also shared that the real-time AsRun and reconciliation feature is also saving traffic managers a lot of time. Before BXF the full day of AsRun was sent as a file back to traffic and reconciliation was often arduous and very time consuming. Now the AsRun information is sent after each executed event, providing the traffic system and users real-time feedback and the ability to respond more quickly with programming changes in response to discrepancies, unexpected time shifts due to live events, and so on.

“The dub list and purge lists are much more accurate now, too” said Novitsky. The BXF interface allows Crispin to send all correct frame-accurate media timings after prep to traffic so that the WideOrbit system always has an up-to-date picture of the material present in master control. These frame accurate timings help traffic users to schedule a complete, frame-accurate playlist initially that requires fewer edits and corrections by master control operators after it has been loaded into automation.

“BXF solutions are transforming how traffic and master control work together,” stated Rodney Mood, Chief Operating Officer & CTO of Crispin Corporation. “We started delivering BXF solutions in early 2007 and our BXF customers have continued to respond positively with stories of how they are operating much more efficiently and more accurately.” In addition to the recent joint development to deliver the first BXF solution to WideOrbit customers, Crispin also supports a full-featured BXF interface with Myers Information Systems ProTrack traffic system.

Both Crispin and WideOrbit are preparing for additional installations of the BXF interface in the near future for both single-station facilities and large networked, hub-and-spoke operations.

About Crispin Corporation

Crispin is a leading supplier of highly modular, highly scalable on-air master control automation and media asset management solutions.

Founded in 1997 and based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., Crispin has installed hundreds of systems throughout North America, including many public and commercial broadcasting facilities. Crispin counts many single station facilities as customers as well as several cable and network groups such NBC Network, CBS Sports, Gannett, Scripps, Journal, Raycom and over 30 PBS stations.

We back this up with our amazing Crispin4Life, a 4 Year Free Service, Support & Hardware Warranty Plan, plus unrivaled customer service, both unmatched in the industry. But most important is our commitment to personal attention and working closely with our customers to develop a highly individual, fail‐safe, broad horizon automation solution with an intuitive human touch.

About WDBJ Television

WDBJ 7 is a CBS affiliate and the leading television station serving the Roanoke/Lynchburg area of Virginia. The station produces six newscasts daily, along with other local and regional sports. On average, an estimated 92,000 households watch WDBJ’s evening newscasts at 6 and 11pm. WDBJ is also an affiliate of MyNetworkTV, which operates on their digital 7.2 channel.

Founded in 1955, WDBJ operates from their new Digital Broadcast Center in Roanoke and also from newsrooms located in Lynchburg, Blacksburg and Danville, Virginia.

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