WBRZ, KBTR Tap Crispin for Master Control Automation

In the July 2023 issue of TVTech, Director of Operations at WBRZ and KBTR, Joey Verrett, shared his experience using Crispin automation for the stations. Verrett writes, “This was my first master control overhaul and as I began doing my research on automation companies, Crispin kept coming up again and again for their reputation, reliability, and solid support. I spoke with numerous playout manufacturers and toured other stations, many of whom were using Crispin and were very happy with the results—which speaks volumes in this industry.”

Throughout the article, Verrett details what made Crispin stand out among the competition and why Cripsin’s Master Control Automation was ultimately the best choice for WBRZ and KBTR. He goes on to say, “With every new technology and process comes a learning curve but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how quickly my operators have adapted to Crispin’s automation. It’s very intuitive, straightforward and simple—all very important features. With Crispin, our shifts not only flow better, our operators are also more informed and empowered.”

You can read the full article in the July issue of TVTech on page 32 or below.