Oregon Public Broadcasting Selects Crispin Automation

Oregon Public Broadcasting has selected Crispin for their master control automation partner as part of a large system upgrade in both master control and production areas of the statewide television network operations headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

In addition to replacing master control automation, OPB also selected Omneon video servers and the Omneon MediaGrid storage system that will be used along with Crispin tools and their existing Masstech archive to create a more efficient production-to-air and long term archiving environment. “It was essential that we improved our capacity for efficient file-based workflows in HD,” stated Don McKay, OPB VP of Engineering. “The combination of capabilities in this particular set of vendor solutions gives us great flexibility and performance across production and master control.”

In addition to core master control tools offered by Crispin, OPB will be utilizing the Crispin BXF Service to provide a realtime traffic and automation interface. “Adding the Crispin and Myers BXF solution as part of this upgrade was another opportunity to streamline an area of our operation that really hasn’t changed in years,” explained Felipe Olvera, OPB Director of Engineering, Network Center. “OPB has always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies and innovations into our operation and utilizing BXF is another example of that progress.”

Enabled by a combination of “best of breed” vendors and technologies, including Crispin for automation, Harmonic for Omneon video servers, and Myers Information Systems for traffic, the new operation will utilize some of the more proven technologies and products in the industry for multi-channel master control and file-based workflows in a production intensive environment. OPB is a major producer of programming for the PBS network, including such shows as History Detectives, Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge, Time Team America, as well as many special documentaries and award winning local programming.

Alan DeVaney, President and Founder of Crispin, explained that the timing of the OPB system upgrade coincided with another important milestone at Crispin. “We celebrated Crispin’s 14th year of business on February 27. Normally you’re opening gifts on your birthday but as we celebrated we were boxing up the hardware for shipment to Oregon. Truly, it was a great way to celebrate a milestone with the addition of OPB to the Crispin family.”

Rodney Mood, Crispin Chief Operating Officer & CTO, shared that much of the R&D that Crispin has spent in the last 10 years started as innovations specifically for public broadcasting customers, such as the Crispin archiving, storage and BXF solutions. “Not only do we see the addition of a top tier PBS station like OPB into the Crispin family as a great achievement itself, it’s also a great opportunity to continue our path towards better solutions geared specifically to the public broadcasting market,” added Mood. “Two partners like Crispin and OPB share a common interest in innovation and service so we’re very excited to have been given this opportunity.”

The newly acquired master control and production systems are expected to be operational by the end of March and on-air this spring or early summer 2011.

About Crispin Corporation

Founded in 1997, Crispin is a leading supplier of highly modular, highly scalable on-air master control automation and media asset management solutions.

Based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., Crispin has installed hundreds of systems throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America, including many public and commercial broadcasting facilities. Crispin counts many single station facilities as customers as well as several cable and network groups such NBC Network, CBS Sports, Gannett, Scripps, Journal and Raycom.

We back this up with our amazing Crispin4Life, 7 Year Free Support Plan, plus unrivaled customer service, both unmatched in the industry. But most important is our commitment to personal attention and working closely with our customers to develop a highly individual, fail‐safe, broad horizon automation solution with an intuitive human touch.

About Oregon Public Broadcasting

Oregon Public Broadcasting is a statewide television and radio public broadcasting network that reaches over 1.5 million viewers across 95% of the entire state of Oregon and parts of southern Washington. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, OPB manages three full time TV stations, 47 translators and over 20 radio stations that includes a Peabody award winning news and information service, Jazz, OPB Music and a regional contemporary music service. OPB is also a renowned PBS producer of such television shows as History Detectives, Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge, Rick Steve’s Europe, several documentaries in addition to popular regional interest programs like the 27 year award winning Oregon Field Guide, the 10 year award winning Oregon Art Beat, and Oregon Experience, which explores Oregon’s rich past and provides a better understanding of the historical, social and political fabric of the state.

Founded in 1923, the rich history and heritage of OPB is combined with its ongoing mission of giving voice to the community, connecting Oregon and its neighbors, illuminating a wider world.

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