Crispin Master Control Automation


Middle aged woman TV editor working with vision mixer in a television broadcast room. TV engineer at editor in studio. Vision mixing panel in a television studio.

One of the largest tasks for operators in broadcast facilities is always bringing new content into the system. Crispin recognizes that many operators are being asked to do more with their time and in turn needing their master control solutions to be simple yet powerful to support these
changes. Crispin offers a variety of solutions to support these broadcast workflows for ingest, QC, and/or verification needs.
Whether you are bringing syndicated content, locally produced promos or commercials into the system for playout, Crispin has just the option you need. Understanding that broadcast requires a fast-paced working environment and must support the quick turns on content as well as
programs being fed days ahead of time.

LoadingDock – A workflow solution for obtaining and QCing all syndicated content through a workflow solution to simplify the overall process.

RPM – Record & Prep Manager offers and all-in-one browser-based tool for your linear / baseband ingest, QC, recurring recording needs, plus built-in resource manager.

Content Browser – Crispin’s cloud master control ingest tool to support moving content between cloud buckets and verifying based on playlist needs.

Dubber – Crispin’s legacy System2000 linear & amp; baseband QC tool.

RecordScheduler – Crispin’s legacy System2000 scheduled recording tool for all recurring or
scheduled recording needs.

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