DeSales Media Uses Crispin’s Master Control Automation for Live and Pre-Recorded Content

DeSales Media, a direct provider of Catholic news, events and original content, recently published an article on TV Tech about its experience using Crispin’s Master Control Automation for prep, storage, management and playout of live and pre-recorded content.

Bob Sharp, DeSales’ executive director of technology, engineering, systems and operations writes, “For us, Crispin has been transformative. When compared to our previous solution, Crispin gives us a lot more flexibility in handling the playlists and making adjustments. It has also changed the way we do live events—allowing us to program a live event without manual intervention has given us a whole new lease on how we can program, and even what we can program.”

Sharp goes on to talk about how Crispin’s solutions helped with broadcasting live masses during the height of the pandemic and the convenience of being able to quickly make playlist changes. Read the full write-up on how DeSales utilizes our Master Control Automation solution here.