Core Virtualized SolutionData Center VM Solution

All on-prem features and benefits

combined with the cost and technology benefits of data center virtualization


  • Hyper-convergence solution provides protection for system operations
  • Web-based user interfaces for operational flexibility
  • Service-based VM solution control with front-end web configuration management


All on-prem features and benefits plus:

  • VM and Cloud: VM Solutions and basic Cloud Channel options.
  • LoadingDock: Content management interface with Ci/Cloud and Dock to Dock.
  • OTT: Translate your Over-The-Air (OTA) schedule into Over-The-Top (OTT) signals to maximize reach of your content.
  • NewsWheel with OTT: Helping monetize your content for news and ad placement.

Hybrid to Cloud

  • Center Ops user interfaces for VM and Cloud system management
  • Future file interface management and break control with Sony ELC
  • LoadingDock for cloud management