PMM Relies on Crispin Automation

Recently, Public Media Management (PMM) President, Stacey Decker, sat down with TV Tech to talk about PMM’s plans for NextGen TV, touching on the company’s partnership with Sony/Crispin on a new cloud model.

Decker says in the interview, “Right now, PMM drops a stack of technology at the facility that automates about 99% of what a station does, but it gives them a terminal to work from. If they want to put it in auto-pilot, they can and then go home at night. If they want to put it in manual control, they can sit down and grab the stick and away they go. PMM is built like that today. Just recently one of our clients decided to move facilities, so we have been working on a cloud model with a partner for about the past 18 months. The intent is to remove that hardware stack and virtualize the entire experience. You know, we are built with Sony. Sony owns Crispin automation. We are going to be one of the first cloud-native designed and built products.”

Read Decker’s full interview with TV Tech here.