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Ad insertion for the age of OTT

For broadcasters, the need is urgent. How do I translate my over the air (OTA) ad schedule for over-the-top (OTT) distribution? How do I prepare for the transition from OTA-centric ATSC 1.0 to OTT-centric ATSC 3.0? How do I ensure compliance with SCTE standards? And how do I accomplish these tasks without disrupting the current ad insertions that are my bread and butter? The answer is Crispin’s OTTlink®.

Advanced Functionality

We help maximize the value and reach of your content: empowering you to generate new revenues by translating your on-air advertising schedule into signals for downstream OTT systems.

Standards Based

OTTlink® speaks the language of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) standards and provides an interface to a growing number of SCTE 35 inserters, SCTE 104 inserters and SCTE 224 inserters.

Minimal Learning Curve

Rather than force you to buy new hardware or master new software, OTTlink® takes advantage of what you already have. It’s your fastest, easiest, most direct point of entry into OTT commercial insertion.

Event Publish Feature

Crispin continues to expand the features of OTTlink®, now with a new mode of operation, Event Publish. No playlist events needed, OTTlink® sends schedule snapshots to external SCTE systems for DAI and Alternate Programming (SCTE 224).

Monetize Content Playback

OTTlink® allows broadcasters to maximize monetization of content playback on multiple screens through Dynamic Ad Insertion, by providing schedule data for downstream OTT systems.

As ATSC 3.0 becomes a reality, we could see multiple viewers in the same household watching the same program, but with different commercials, tailored to their interests, offering new revenue opportunities.

This is only possible with accurate metadata in the Video stream provided by OTTlink®, proving OTTlink® is more than just ad insertion.

  • Regional & Subscription based data for blackout requirements for cable and satellite providers.
  • Schedule Data including break start and end, break length, and program segment data.

Sleep-at-Night Reliability

We built OTTlink® on the firm foundation of our driver-based interface model, our established library of drivers and our vast experience automating literally hundreds of channels. Our many customers include leading station groups and numerous public broadcasters.

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