New Crispin Features – Webinar


Crispin is rolling out some awesome new features and we want to share them with you!

See what all the hype is about by requesting a link to the recorded webinar below!

Topics include:

Secondary Records:

  • Record program blocks for rebroadcast (example: news blocks) within RapidPlayX.
  • Quickly set-up secondary recordings or schedule them through traffic.
  • Data for recording requires just router input, record video source, Material ID.

Command Buttons:

  • Buttons reside on a Crispin toolbar in RapidPlayX or on Keyshot/Rackshot control panel.
  • Switch to a different crosspoint and different source without adjusting the list.
  • Quick graphics insert with recall.

Bump Mode:

  • Automatically bump to backup source or predefined graphics devices (includes graphics recall) on crispin supported devices.
  • GPI initiated or Operator initiated bumps.

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