Is the Crispin System Database Dependent?


Explain how the Crispin system is not database dependent and why this matters?


The Crispin solution is not database-dependent. Technically the system can run without a database for customers not needing to store metadata associated with the content, think ready-to-air content or live while still needing the ability to edit the list for graphics/switching/etc.

While most customers will need a database to fully utilize the Crispin solution, this feature is still a benefit to them. When an operator loads the playlist, all data is then stored within the playlist, such as duration, in/out points, validating that the content is available on the server, and more. The system will continue to do lookups on all of the content in the playlist based on the ripple/lookahead window, which is usually a minimum of 10 events before air, (this is configurable based on the customer needs). The system will also update the metadata stored in the playlist, when a user manually updates/reviews an item and initiates a refresh. If the database was to go down, the playlist will continue to execute until the end of the loaded list, based on the latest refresh of metadata. This gives operators time to restore a backup copy of the database, while staying on the air.