Crispin Master Control Automation

What are Crispin’s bump modes?


What are Crispin’s bump modes?


Protection Bump:

In a typical system, having a primary and backup Video Server port can be a very good level of protection for your Channel. If your primary Server port goes down, you can easily move over to your backup Server port on your Master Control Switcher or router that feeds this Air-Chain.
Crispin’s protection bump will automatically initiate this bump from the primary to the backup video server in the event of an issue. Protection Bump also allows for operator initiated bumps when needed. Crispin has enhanced this feature to support a traditional server and switcher set ups, as well as the built-in switching within the Harmonic SpectrumX server.

What if you have a primary and backup Switcher? Although this is an uncommon setup for traditional Master Control Switchers and routers, it has become very common with Harmonic’s SpectrumX “channel in a box” functionality (Previously known as their “Channel ports”). Harmonic’s built in switching and graphics capability allows for powerful streamlined systems and a reduction in external devices needed. Crispin has developed an extra layer of protection for systems using the Harmonic SpectrumX / ChannelPort “channel in a box” functionality. Crispin’s Protection Bump feature allows for automatically bumping to the backup SpectrumX when a problem is detected with the device.


Many IRDs can provide a contact closure to indicate when they have lost their signal (such as from a Storm front causing “Rain-fade”). Crispin automation can utilize these alerts to build a Rain-fade matrix of your Satellite sources. If one of these sources are scheduled for air while it is in Rain-fade (or are already on-air when the alert is received), Automation can call up a preconfigured graphic such as a Trouble slide, or even take an alternative source. Once the Rain-fade condition is cleared it can either return to the original scheduled source, or optionally remain on the alternative source for the remainder of the event.

Signal Loss Protection:

Crispin has also worked with 3rd party external devices used for detecting signal loss, in order to add additional protection to the system. This external box will send Crispin a GPI when signal loss is detected and Crispin will automatically bump to backup source or predefined graphics device. This can included graphics recall or other device within the system’s Crispin supported devices options. This downstream source bump functionality includes GPI initiated or Operator initiated bumps.

Note: Requires 3rd party equipment and GPI input.

All Bump functions are licensed per playlist channel.