Aren Durham | Quality Control Specialist

Aren Durham serves as a dedicated Quality Control Specialist at Crispin, where they ensure that the company’s software products meet the highest standards. Their role involves running tests on bug issues reported by customers or discovered internally, as well as keeping software systems up-to-date to guarantee smooth operations for users. Their commitment to learning about the software and collaborating with the team reflects their dedication to excellence. Since joining Crispin, he shared that, “Everyone has been welcoming, down to earth and understanding. They are willing to guide you through the expectations and there is a mutual respect”.

Having previously worked in the web development industry, they bring a wealth of experience in quality assurance and a mindset primed for adaptability. They find excitement in the broadcasting industry’s niche nature and look forward to the challenges it presents. 

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Aren pursued their education at Arizona State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering. They later transitioned into the tech field, obtaining certifications in the tech industry to broaden their opportunities.

During weekends, Aren indulges in various activities such as cooking, working out, and watching entertaining videos. Aren is an avid basketball and football fan, supporting teams like the OKC Thunder, the Saints, and the Chiefs. An interesting fact about Aren is their background as a gymnast for 18 years, including competing at the collegiate level. They also have a passion for travel, with Rome standing out as their favorite destination, where they had the opportunity to explore local gems with family.