Crispin Master Control Automation


Browser-based control of your playlist from anywhere on the network.

webRPX, the first of Crispin’s CORE suite of applications and enhances the traditional feel of our legacy playlist application RapidPlayX while integrating new and improved features. Accessible from CORE’s browser-based user interface via single-sign on.

webRPX Overview

Single or Multi-System Playlist Control

Designed with you in mind, webRPX is customizable to fit your station needs. With single or multi-channel views, webRPX provides flexibility for your operators. Configurable workspaces and customizable settings allow operators the ability to view the channel(s) how they prefer.

Quick and Easy Edits

Content and schedule updates can be made directly within the playlist via easy drag and drop functionality. Operation edits can be done on the fly by double clicking on any event to edit any event properties, such as duration, source, file name and more.

Channel Redundancy Protection

Ability to configure a primary and back up source for any channel requiring a full protection mode. Control both sources via one playlist, and all commands are sent to both sources, allowing for failover to the backup should the primary fail.

Highlighted Features

Built In Asset Search

Browse for all content available on the playout server, right from the same browser window. Drag and drop functionality gives operators the power to make quick edits on the fly.

Event Cabinet

Store specific content in webRPX’s event cabinet to be used at a later time. Single or multi event block can be saved, and viewed, renamed for easy reference. Content is saved under specific channel settings but can be used for any channel. Bi-directional drag and drop functionality supported for saving and using content in the event cabinet.

On-Demand Command Buttons

Unscheduled commands that are executed with a simple click, such as router take or keying up/down a graphic that was not scheduled by traffic, breaking news and more! Command buttons are customized to fit your individual station based on available devices under Crispin control. Macro commands are supported. Easy to set up and change, as station requirements change over time. User access can be restricted to only master users.

Dynamic Gang Roll

Roll multiple playlists simultaneously right from webRPX UI. These gang-roll events can be dynamically assigned on the fly by operators, as opposed to previous options that required pre-configuration ahead of time.

Safeguard Your Playlist

Missing Media/Error List

webRPX provides a visual indicator for playlist errors. Consolidated list launches to allow operators to quickly manage their channel needs. Saves time by not requiring operators to ‘scrub’ each list.

Syncing for Protection

Streamline playlist control across a multi-station or multi-site system. Ability to run the same playlist for two separate systems with geographically disparate locations. All while controlling each location’s own playback equipment. Playlist syncing allows for downstream system to take either feed, at any time, if a disruption is detected. No additional operator involvement needed, as an operator can make edits or execute commands from one playlist and the system will mirror all changes to the second system in the background. Easily remove channel sync, as needs change! Can be utilized as an extra layer of redundancy by running one system on-prem and the other in the cloud. Also, works as a great tool for implementing maintenance updates to the system.

User Controls

Unlimited number of usernames. Protect your playlist with access by setting specific users’ rights. Rights for access include master user, full access, specific channel only access, or view only.

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