Crispin Master Control Automation

Studio Control

Studio Control Overview

A part of CORE

As part of Crispin’s CORE product suite, Studio Control is a browser-based tool that allows limited access to the channel playlist for local news departments.

Limited Functionality

While retaining the look and feel of webRPX, Studio Control strips away all functionality while allowing news to view the upcoming list, countdown clocks and list warnings. When appropriate for designated live sources, the ‘play next’ button will illuminate and allow News department to take control of advancing the list when the live broadcast has completed.

Missing Media / Error List

• Studio Control provides a visual indicator for playlist errors. • Consolidated list launches to allow operators to quickly manage their channel needs. • Saves time by not requiring operators to ‘scrub’ each list.

User Controls

• Unlimited number of usernames accessible through single sign • Protect your playlist with access by setting specific users’ rights. • Accessible from CORE’s browser-based user interface via single-sign on.