webRPXView and control your playlist from anywhere on the network.

Crispin's new web playlist tool, webRPX, is here.

It takes the traditional feel of our legacy playlist application RapidPlayX and integrates new and improved features.

New Overall System Features

Multi-System Playlist Control and Syncing for Redundancy

  • webRPX can streamline playlists across a multi-station group by running the same playlist for two separate systems with geographically disparate locations. All while controlling each location’s own playback equipment.
  • Playlist syncing allows for downstream system to take either feed, at any time, if a disruption is detected. Also, works as a great tool for implementing maintenance updates to the system.
  • Accomplished without any additional operator involvement due to multi-system syncing function. An operator can make edits or execute commands from one playlist and the system will mirror all changes to the second system in the background.
  • Plus, this functionality can be utilized as an extra layer of redundancy by running one system on-prem and the other in the cloud.