Crispin Master Control Automation

Roll Panel

Monitor channels at a high level.

Playlist views for monitoring and editing multi-channel systems, with a legacy feel that your operators know and love. TimeLine View gives you access to high-level monitoring combined with dynamic features for a fast paced environment.

web based control and monitoring

Rolly multiple playlists simultaneously right from the webRPX UI, with gang-roll events assigned dynamically on the fly by operators

dynamic gang roll

Visual indicator for playlist errors launches consolidated list to allow operators to quickly manage their channel. The errors List saves time by not having to "scrub" each list.

set privledges

Protect your playlist by preset specific users' rights. Specify rights for access by full access, specific channel only access, or view only.

Roll Panel Overview

TimeLine View is part of Crispin’s Core suite of products, which are more than just web based “legacy” product replacements. Core includes new and additional features in order to make operating your channel(s) even more efficient.

  • Event Details at-a-glance: includes media warnings, event comments, secondary events, event start/end methods and more.


  • Filter View helps track complete schedule needs: media/device error summary, scheduled start time reviews, manual user actions needed, all while interactively cycling through events on the timeline.


  • Integrated Grid View gives full playlist view and control for selected channel. No need to switch between applications.

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