Robert Navarro, Senior Software Engineer

Robert, Jenn and Alexandria Navarro

Even though Robert Navarro was born in Venezuela, he really considers himself a Raleigh native, since he moved here when he was only 9 months old. As a kid, Robert thought he might grow up to be a chef. “I’ve always liked cooking a lot. I get inspired when I watch cooking TV shows, especially anything with Gordon Ramsay, and even though I didn’t become a chef, I still do most of the cooking at home.”

Robert started taking software programming courses in middle school at the urging of a good friend, which set his course towards an engineering degree at NC State. “I like software development because being able to solve problems in ways others can’t is compelling. I like that unique aspect of it.”

In order to fulfill his college requirements, Robert worked with a small group on a design project during his senior year.  “Companies participated by assigning these student groups software development projects. My group chose to work with Crispin. The CTO at the time acted as our project liaison, and eventually he offered me a job. So, I was hired before I even graduated, which was really nice!” Robert says he knew right away he wanted to work at Crispin because of the impressive communication between co-workers and knowing that everyone was so easy to work with. “I never wanted to work for a large company; I liked the small, family feel. To find a place like that right out of college was great.”

In his free time Robert used to be a gamer, but he had to quit playing World of Warcraft when his daughter, Alex, was born – there simply wasn’t enough time! “She’s 14 months old now,  just starting to walk and awfully cute.” These days he’s spending his free time with the baby, and his wife, Jennifer.

Robert says there’s a lot to like about working at Crispin. “I like the team I work on,  it’s small, but very efficient. The complexity of the projects keeps it interesting. I can make a piece of software that runs a television station – that’s very unusual compared to other, larger companies.” He also cites Fridays as a big plus, both Fridays off in the summer and the occasional beer Fridays the company sponsors, saying it’s a nice way to relax and catch up with friends at work. “The people are the best reason to work at Crispin. I like that we can talk about things besides work. It really feels like family, we’re always making jokes with each other, it’s a good thing.”