Paul Beverage, Quality Control Specialist

Quality Control Specialist, Paul Beverage, has had a passion for computers and software development throughout his life. His first time experimenting with software development was with a Commodore 64 and one of the then-common follow-along programming books, which started around 4 years old. In fact, it was that ongoing passion that helped him make the decision to forgo the traditional path of attending college, and instead teach himself everything he could learn about the world of software development, which started in earnest with an ANSI C book in 1994, at age 14. 

He says, “I think it’s important to continually learn new things, so I picked up several programming books and took in as much knowledge as possible. Along the way, I realized I had a knack for finding mistakes and learning how to fix them.” 

That passion and drive have led to an impressive career, with Paul having spent time as a software developer, systems administrator, deskside support, and business analyst in various industries. Joining the Crispin team seemed like a natural fit, giving him the opportunity to work on software testing full-time, rounding out his professional experience in IT. 

“I’m excited to be part of this team and will enjoy helping to ensure our clients receive the best possible solutions. Over the years, I’ve had friends who’ve worked in Master Control in VA, who taught me some of their daily work at local TV stations. I have some experiences with the things they deal with on their side, and think that those experiences will give me a unique perspective as I work on the suite of Crispin products,” says Paul. 

A proud part of the Monacan Nation, Paul is originally from West Virginia. After moving away for a while, he and his partner, Allie, recently moved back, where they enjoy breathtaking mountain views and a lot of snow in the winter. 

When he’s not working, Paul enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, trying out new recipes from different regions around the world, focusing mostly on authentic Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Thai cuisine. He and Allie also like to try out new beers and restaurants whenever possible. 

As a computer lover at heart, Paul also enjoys spending time playing retro video games from the 70s through the 90s, including VFD tabletop games, as well as newer games with a vintage feel, such as Stardew Valley and Minecraft. In the end, everything goes back to a desire to continue learning, exploring, and discovering. And, of course, to have fun while doing it.