Crispin Master Control Automation


NewsHub adds an efficient way to combine regional and local news programming to across multiple Stations in a group.  

On-demand command buttons

Command buttons are customized to fit your station needs and can be executed with a single click.

Dynamic Gang Roll

Rolly multiple playlists simultaneously right from the webRPX UI, with gang-roll events assigned dynamically on the fly by operators

Missing Media/Error List

Visual indicator for playlist errors launches consolidated list to allow operators to quickly manage their channel. The errors List saves time by not having to "scrub" each list.

User Controls

Protect your playlist by preset specific users' rights. Specify rights for access by full access, specific channel only access, or view only.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Minimal changes to current news production:  
    • NewsHub allows for centrally coordinated lists for regional, national, or local blocks. Local segments blocks are pre-recorded or are taken live. This allows for unique local and commercial break content at each site.


  • National and regional content is shared via streaming or via content file delivery.  
    • The shared newscasts act as if originating at each local NewsWheel site, allowing for local news content and commercials to also be added at designated ‘local’ times. 


  • User Access Options – Studio, Production and Master Control can all view the playlist in Crispin’s web browser playlist, webRPX.  
    • User options and privileges can be configured by each user’s log in credentials.  


  • Playlist includes ‘edit protection’ for site operators during playlist blocks they do not have access to edit.  


  • Local producers or talent can view a countdown time to local segment start.