Matt Sullivan, Technical Services Engineer

Matt SullivanMatt Sullivan, Technical Services Engineer, is on the front lines for customer setup and service. Matt spends his days working with Crispin solutions, responding to support calls from customers, troubleshooting systems and completing setups offsite.

For Matt, the small family atmosphere was one of the most appealing parts about joining Crispin. Coming from a company of over 100,000 people, the smaller Crispin team allows Matt to connect with his coworkers and work together with them to solve problems.

Matt’s background is in the food service industry. He spent over 11 years in the industry before moving into information technology. His favorite part about transitioning into the broadcast industry is all of the new knowledge he has been able to gain. “I wouldn’t have guessed how extensive automation was in the broadcast world,” says Matt. “Before I started working here, I imagined a lot of manual processes being performed in these types of environments. It’s cool to see how much automation comes into play for these workflows.”

Matt was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, and he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Outside of work, Matt enjoys relaxed weekends at home or quick trips to the mountains or beach. He considers getting to spend time connecting with new and old friends as a successful break from the working week. On these trips, you might catch Matt playing country or 90’s alternative rock music on his guitar.

Matt found success in social bowling leagues around Raleigh, where he has bowled a top score of 291. He is also a car enthusiast, who enjoys working on his cars and driving, no matter the destination. His dream cars include the Ford GT and classic American muscle cars.