Jon Guess, Junior Web Developer

Jon and his son, Landon.

Junior Web Developer, Jon Guess, is passionate about technology. While working in sales for the last several years, he put himself through school to make the transition to a career with a focus in tech. Since joining Crispin in August 2016, Jon has hit the ground running, primarily working on Loading Dock and Web Uploader.

After graduating from Liberty University in 2015 with a BS in Information Systems, Jon began the process of searching for a place to start his new career. With an interest in broadcasting and the future of technology, Crispin was a natural fit. “I’m excited to continue learning more about how the broadcast industry as a whole works and to be part of a company that will help to influence what’s to come in the world of broadcast technology.”

Originally from Connecticut, Jon and his identical twin brother moved to Virginia about 12 years ago. “It’s been nice to have my built-in best friend close by, especially as we both met our wives and had children.” With the last five years consisting of working during the week and focusing on school on the weekends, Jon is looking forward to rediscovering what it means to have free time. “I’m excited to take my son fishing and have the time to stay active outdoors.”

Some of that newfound free time will also be spent getting ready for relocation to North Carolina. Jon, his wife Dana, and their kids Landon, Aaron, and Noah are preparing to move to Raleigh, and while Jon will miss being close to his twin brother, he’s particularly excited about being closer to the beach. “We’re all excited about getting to know the area and all there is to see and do in Raleigh.”

As Jon continues to settle in to his new role at Crispin, he’s been enjoying the small, friendly atmosphere at the company. “Everyone has been so nice and helpful. I like the family atmosphere here at Crispin and I’m looking forward to being a dark horse in the office fantasy football league this year.”