Joe Walker, VP of Technology and Product Solutions / Deputy CTO

Joe Walker, Crispin’s VP of Technology and Product Solutions / Deputy CTO, is no stranger to Broadcast Operations. He started his broadcast career in his local NBC affiliate’s Master Control as an operator before joining his local PBS station as a Broadcast Engineer, with stops in Production, Traffic, and IT along the way.

His various experiences throughout both commercial and public broadcast operations help him quickly understand customer needs and identify solutions for them. Starting as a Tier 2 Support Technician in 2007, Joe has managed Crispin’s Technical Support, Software QC, Manufacturing, and Project Management teams before moving to his current role as the Senior Director over all of these departments.

When he’s not spending time with his wife and two young sons, Joe’s main hobby is classic car restoration. “I have a 1965 Chevelle that my dad and uncle built back in the 70s, so it’s got some family history,” Joe says. “I like to tinker around and modify it with today’s technology.” While Joe doesn’t intend to race it, he loves taking it out on the back roads to see what it can do.

Joe’s natural instinct to tinker with things is what makes him particularly suited for the broadcast industry. One of his favorite parts of working at Crispin is being able to work with customers to provide solutions to their unique challenges.

“Every broadcast facility operates differently. The differences in the day-to-day operations of TV stations are a technological challenge to overcome and that’s what keeps it interesting,” he explains. “I like to help customers reach their goals by working with existing solutions or developing new things to help them solve problems. We succeed together.”