Joe Walker, Customer Solutions Manager

Joe, his wife and their two sons.

Around the office, Joe Walker, Crispin’s Customer Solutions Manager, is known as a walking encyclopedia of the Crispin software, thanks to his good memory. In fact, there’s a standing joke that Crispin needs invent a “Pocket Joe” mini reference guide so that other staff members can leverage his knowledge.

Prior to joining Crispin in 2007, Joe worked for WCFE, the local PBS station in his hometown of Plattsburgh, NY, where he was responsible for bringing the station’s first simple automation system online. A few years later, as the station converted from analog to digital, Joe was instrumental in evaluating and selecting a new platform to help make the switchover.

“After evaluating various options, we chose Crispin Automation,” Joe said. “During the rebuild of WCFE’s master control, I worked closely with several Crispin staff members, including Dave Jones, Crispin’s COO. That experience led me to accept a job with Crispin and relocate to North Carolina.”

Joe added, “Of course, I didn’t make the relocation decision alone. My wife and I met as teenagers in upstate New York. We started dating when we were quite young and we’ve been together ever since. So, we made the decision together to move, and we’re glad we did. We certainly don’t miss those brutal winters next to the Canadian border.”

Just like their dad, Joe’s boys like to tinker with tools, too.

When he’s not spending time with his wife and two young sons, Joe’s main hobby is classic car restoration. “I have a 1965 Chevelle that my dad and uncle built back in the 70s, so it’s got some family history,” Joe said. “I like to tinker around and modify it to try and make it faster with today’s technology.” While Joe doesn’t intend to race it, he loves taking it out on the back roads to see what it can do.

Joe’s natural instinct to tinker with things is what makes him particularly suited for the broadcast industry. “The changes in the day-to-day operations of TV are a technological challenge to overcome, and that’s what keeps it interesting,” Joe said. “I like to help customers reach their goals by working with existing solutions or developing new things to help them solve problems. The reward at the end of those challenges is what keeps us all excited.”