Jill Walters, Vice President of Sales

Jill Walters and her husband, Dan.

“I value the sales process and understand that it’s about more than just product, a sale should be the beginning of an ongoing relationship with a customer. I’m committed to my customers, and want our partnership and the agreement we reach to be something we both feel good about.”

That quote is from Jill Walter’s LinkedIn profile and it’s something she truly believes in. It’s also likely one of the reasons she’s been so successful as Crispin’s VP of Sales.

There are many things that Jill can be proud of throughout her cumulative 11 years at Crispin.  One of them, she says, is that she works for a company that delivers on its promises. “I haven’t always worked for companies like that, so to it’s nice to know that after a sale closes, I don’t have to worry. I know everything will be taken care of and everyone will be happy. I’m also proud of our new initiatives, like our partnership with WGBH and Sony, a new Public Media Management service for public broadcasters.”

If Jill were to offer advice to a prospective new hire at Crispin, it’s this: “There’s no shame in not knowing something. Never be afraid to ask for help. The way we work here as a team, we leverage relationships and resources within our organization. When I feel like someone else can do a part of the project better, I pull them in. Ultimately, we believe in being best of breed in everything we do.”

Jill and her husband Dan, a local film critic, had their first date at a concert and to this day that is one of their favorite ways to spend their free time. They really like to travel when they can, citing Germany, Greece and New York among recent favorite destinations. Jill also considers herself a foodie. “I love food, I like to cook, it’s something Dan and I do together and with friends as often as possible. We also like to eat out before a show – Piedmont in Durham and Lantern in Chapel Hill are a couple of restaurants we frequent.”

What Jill likes about Crispin, in essence, is that it’s a nice place to work. “There’s not a lot of red tape. We’re nimble and it’s easy to get things done efficiently. We treat our customers like partners. When a customer calls in they’ve got a name, not a ticket number. It’s nice to work for a company that treats people the way you want to be treated.”