David Jones, Chief Operating Officer

“The small team atmosphere is what I like the most about Crispin. Our nimble approach gives us the flexibility to attack problems in creative ways, ” says David Jones, in this month’s Employee Spotlight.

As the company’s Chief Operating Officer and the staff member with the longest tenure, David has been instrumental in defining Crispin’s culture of innovative problem solving.

David joined the company in June, 1999 after leaving DirectTV where he worked both as a Broadcast Supervisor and Broadcast Operations Assistant Manager.

“By comparison, Crispin is a much smaller organization than some of my previous employers. But, that’s what I love about it. We’re not bound by large corporate policies or restrictions, so we’re free to invent new solutions that can keep pace with our rapidly-changing industry.”

Over the past year, David has focused much of his time on the design and implementation of a new system that will help Scripps consolidate master control operations for TV stations nationwide into a new hub-and-spoke system.

“This project has been fun because we’ve helped design the system from the ground up, ” David said. “It’s been satisfying to watch the Scripps project unfold according to the staged implementation plan that we mapped out in the beginning.  We’re in the final phase now and only have two stations left to join the hub.” The new Scripps hub, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, now controls 11 television stations nationwide.

When not at work, David and his wife like to spend their weekends exploring campgrounds all over North and South Carolina. “For years, my wife and I were tent campers. But as we got older, we discovered that we wanted just a few more creature comforts than our tent had to offer, so we got a camper. We still love a good campfire, but when we put the fire out, we get to step up into our RV, instead of crawl inside a tent.”