Crispin Selects Matrox Encoder card for LoadingDock Web-based Ingest Tool

Matrox hardware and software codecs facilitate H.264 encoding and format inspections to streamline ingest workflows

MONTREAL — April 2, 2015 — Matrox® Video today announced that Crispin Corporation, a leading supplier of master control automation and media asset management systems, has chosen the Matrox X.264/350 H.264 encoder card for LoadingDock, its comprehensive, self-contained, web-based ingest tool.

Any broadcast facility looking to streamline their ingest work flow can use LoadingDock to processing all methods of content delivery including catch servers, FTP transfers, satellite, internal and external clients and server or tape ingest. LoadingDock lets stations give external clients the ability to upload material to the station. Uploaded content is viewable in a low resolution version and sorted into customer specified folders within the web-based ingest tool for further processing in the workflow. Users can view the video and view and edit associated metadata with the clip. Other actions include: review, deliver, properties (edit), move, and delete.

“We rely on the Matrox card along with Matrox’s robust file reader and file writer technology and extensive codec support to let users get the most from LoadingDock,” said Jim Zagrobelny, Chief Technology Officer at Crispin. “Anyone can send material to stations in any format. The Matrox technology lets us read most any file and create a frame-accurate proxy which LoadingDock makes available to both the upload originator for confirmation of upload, and to the receiver of the file. Browsing and QC file approval is integrated into the LoadingDock, giving the end user the ability to have a visual check and approval incorporated into the automatic workflow on selected incoming content. The delivery destination is also configured by originator and format, so each workflow can be set to match particular needs: visual approval, various delivery destination or notifications – whatever is required.”

Matrox X.264 is a single-slot PCIe card that incorporates a hardware HD/SD H.264 encoder and an up/down scaler. The H.264 encoder provides high-quality, realtime, baseline and main profile encoding at levels up to 4.1. It also supports data rates of up to 25Mbps, as well as CABAC and CAVLC entropy encoding. Matrox X.264 can be used as a standalone card or as a co-processor for Matrox I/O cards and is ideal for IP streaming and H.264-based archiving. Along with comprehensive Matrox DSX SDKs for Windows® or Linux® and unlimited Matrox applications engineering support, the card can be an integral part of channel-in-a-box systems, video servers, broadcast graphics systems, encoders, transcoders, multiviewers, switchers and other digital media equipment.

The Matrox DSX SDKs offer a common API across all Matrox DSX Developer Products providing a full set of powerful tools including versatile file reading/writing, memory management, streaming synchronization, and a large selection of software codecs and effects. A prototyping tool provides a graphical representation of all hardware components so developers can simulate and test their use cases within minutes, before writing a single line of code.

(This press release was originally issued by Matrox Video and is reproduced here with permission)

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