Crispin Master Control Automation

Content Browser

The latest addition to our CMC CORE product suite.

Content Browser brings you new functionality for cloud master control. By providing visibility to multiple areas of playback media in a cloud playback system, Content Browser adds many necessary features to improve workflows for Crispin CMC Operators.

new overall system features

Trim/Segment/Verify (QC) any content that is available on the VOS360

  • Via Integrated Proxy player directly in the cloud
  • No need to import into automation

Easily view playback content via playlist filter

  • Review status of all material scheduled for playback
  • List all scheduled clips for playback, in chronological order
  • Identify all missing content in chronological order

Import media from S3 and other storage locations

  • List and search items available in any configured storage bucket
  • Help facilitate locating missing content
  • Initiate a manual transfer/import to VOS360

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