Prakash Subramanian | Technical Services Engineer

employee-spotlight-2015As a Technical Services Engineer, Prakash (PK) Subramanian spends his day working as a problem solver. From testing out machines when orders come into providing support for the Crispin software, PK is one of the people clients reach out to when they need help troubleshooting an issue. “I really enjoy the customer interaction aspect of the job. It’s nice to be able to talk to our clients regularly and help them with any problems they may encounter.”

Another part of what PK appreciates about working at Crispin is the unique blend of working in both the broadcasting and IT fields. “Working here is kind of like looking into another window of the IT world. The industry is always changing and everyone has their own way of doing things to get to the same end result. It keeps things exciting.”

After joining Crispin just over three years ago, PK quickly noticed that his coworkers were more like family, and he found himself fitting in right from the start. “I like the informal culture at the office and how everyone truly feels like part of the family. I’m known as the office jokester, always trying to make someone laugh with a funny voice or face.”

Originally from India, PK and his family moved to the Raleigh area when he was seven. He says, “This area is great. It’s close to the mountains and the beach, but it also has a good city life and the people are always friendly.”

Outside of work, PK likes to spend his time reading comic books, playing video games, working on cars and spending time with friends. For the most part, he enjoys living a laid-back life watching movies, playing ping pong and hanging out with his 12-year-old German Shepherd, Nismo.

But, he also thrives on adrenaline and rides his motorcycle as often as possible. He’s even ventured into the world of motovlogging, where he records videos while riding his bike. “Sometimes I’ll talk about a movie or a video game review while I’m riding, other times I’ll just talk about the scenery on the ride. Either way, it’s a cool experience that makes riding a motorcycle even more exciting.”