“Early in my career, I worked at ESPN, and as a sports fan just out of college, it was pretty exciting to work with such well-known talent. Working at a large, recognized corporation right out of the gate was a terrific way to gain experience and work with seasoned professionals.  It taught me the business of broadcasting and how to work hard and have fun, knowledge that I get to use at Crispin every day.”

Customer Relations Manager, Jill Hopkins, has been with Crispin for over 10 years and is glad for her early beginnings that ultimately led her here.  “Several years ago I attended NAB (National Association of Broadcasters). One of my colleagues introduced me to David Jones, our COO, and mentioned I was looking to relocate from Maryland to Raleigh. After meeting with him and the team and getting to know the company, I decided to make the move.”

Jill started at Crispin in the Technical Services department and worked her way up to Manager of that department. She transitioned to the Sales team in a move that worked well not just for her, but for Crispin as well. Jill explains that her Customer Relations title is derived from the strong relationships she’s nurtured over the years with our customers. “We can talk about not just the issue at hand, but also about their experiences and lives outside of work. My goal is to help them create customized solutions for their individual needs.”

Jill and her husband, Dan, have a young daughter, so they don’t have a lot of free time these days. They spend most of their nights and weekends as a family and can be found at neighborhood parks and pools, as well as in their own backyard. When she does get a moment to herself, Jill enjoys cheering on her Baltimore Orioles and Ravens, but truly enjoys a quiet moment with a good book.

Jill says there are a lot of great things about working at Crispin. “Things have changed a little since the early days, in that we’re smaller now, but that’s worked in our favor. We are a cohesive group. From the top down, I could consider everyone here a friend.”