Greg Rhoades | QC and Project Services Manager

Greg and his wife with one of their dogs.
Greg and his wife with one of their dogs.

QC and Project Services Manager, Greg Rhoades, does a little bit of everything. On any given day, Greg may find himself onsite for an installation or providing ongoing support to customers post-installation through phone or email.

As part of the tech support team, he is integral to delivering client satisfaction. In the years that Greg has been with Crispin, he has been part of the process of growing the customer base and becoming more efficient in providing support to customers.

He enjoys the fact that Crispin, and the broadcasting industry as a whole, requires him to continually learn and stay on top of changes that occur nearly every day. “There’s always something new to learn and figure out, especially as we’re rolling out new products. Knowing that I’ll be doing something different every day is part of what I love about working here,” Greg says.

Outside of work, Greg and his wife have been renovating their house, after having recently moved from Raleigh up to Michigan to live on the family farm. They enjoy the challenges of being new parents, having just given birth to a baby boy, Hutch, in November 2015.

While he primarily grew up in Florida, Greg was born in Ohio and is a lifelong fan of Ohio State football. He’s looking forward to watching the team this season and is hoping to see them win the championship again. He’s also gearing up to play in the office fantasy football league. After winning it all two years ago, he’s planning to come back and take the title again this year.

The fantasy football league contributes to the office camaraderie that’s part of what Greg appreciates most about working at Crispin. He says, “Before I moved to Michigan, a lot of us would go out golfing on our Fridays off during the summer. Everyone is so friendly, not just inside of work, but outside of it too.”