Bowie DeVaney | Chief of Security (COS)


I have multiple hats that I wear here at Crispin. In the morning I ride in to work and hang my head out the window. I am responsible for barking loudly at bicyclers when we pass them. (Those bicyclers have potty mouths by the way.) When I get to work I immediately make a round though the entire office and inspect every trash can in the building. I remove any food particles from those trash cans which is a really big help to company because it helps prevent bugs. (NOTE: I advise you not to mention the word “Bug” to Alan). I am working on improving my ability to put back all wrappers and containers that had to be removed from the trash can – according to my last review, I have a long way to go on this one.

At lunch time I greet each employee at the front door and if they have a bag in their hand, I follow them to their office and carefully watch them to make sure they place the wrappers and containers in their trash when they are finished eating. Sometimes I am able to convince them to let me sample their lunch just to make sure it’s safe to eat – I am always watching out for my fellow employees. After a long lunch I try and get at least a 2 hour nap in before going home. Sometimes the UPS and FedEx men interrupt my sleep which really does not make me happy and I let them know that. They NEVER have any food on them and they always wake me up.