Bo Carey | Software Engineer

Software Engineer, Bo Carey, spends his days working on front and back end web mechanics for the Crispin suite of products. He joins the Crispin team after having previously worked in a factory and as a mason before he was inspired to make a career change after seeing his wife, Savannah, graduate from college. 

He says, “I always liked the idea of becoming a software engineer, but I never thought I’d finish college. After seeing my wife get her degree, all while being a great mom to our kids, it inspired me to go back to school and make the transition to a new career.”

The change has been a great fit for Bo, who enjoys working on the “behind the scenes” aspects of broadcasting, along with his team of colleagues. “Every day, I learn something new and get to tackle a new challenge. All of us on the development team work hard and have fun while we do it,” he explains. 

Originally from the Quad Cities region of Iowa, Bo and his family moved to Raleigh after falling in love with the area when visiting a few years ago. He says, “We weren’t necessarily planning to move here when we visited, but that trip sealed the deal. We’re so happy to finally be here.” As it turns out, the timing was perfect, because it was only a few weeks after moving to Raleigh that Bo started his new career by joining the Crispin team. 

A self-proclaimed video game nerd, Bo tries to play Nintendo games whenever he can and enjoys listening to gaming podcasts as well. He also considers himself a bit of a beverage snob who loves good coffee, beer and wine, and even makes his own wine on occasion.

But, at the end of the day, his favorite hobby is spending time with Savannah, their two daughters, Harper and Athena, and their dog, Kona. “The kids are young, so we spend a lot of time playing horsey and other little games they enjoy. It’s just a lot of fun when we’re all spending time together as a family.”