Alejandro Drausal | Software Engineer

Sister-And-I-weddingSince joining Crispin in April 2015, Software Engineer, AJ Drausal, has been working as a programmer for new product development. While still fairly new to the company, the environment at Crispin has made him feel welcome from the beginning. “I like the small atmosphere of the company, and how we all treat each other as equals,” he says.

Prior to joining Crispin, AJ spent a year as a programming intern at a research company while he was in school. While the programming work itself is similar, he has enjoyed getting to learn more about the broadcasting industry in his time at Crispin. “It’s nice that we get a lot of direct customer feedback that drives what we do. I feel like that helps me to be a better programmer.”

Originally from the Orlando area, AJ graduated from the University of Central Florida, with a degree in Computer Engineering. He moved to Raleigh after being offered the job at Crispin, and he’s been happy to escape the intense Florida heat since the move. AJ says, “I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather here and I like being close the Appalachian Mountains. It’s a nice change from the flat Florida landscape.”

When he’s not at work, AJ likes hanging out at home, watching movies and having friends over. He’s getting ready to buy a house and is looking forward to having a more permanent location to call his own. Though he hasn’t worked on them in a while, he used to tinker with microcontrollers back in his college days. “They’re small computers that can be used for certain specific tasks. They are fun to program because you can have them do almost anything.”

Outside of the world of technology, one of AJ’s greatest passions is traveling. He’s been to parts of Europe, South America and around the United States, and he is hoping to visit Canada soon as well. “Cruises are one of my favorite ways to travel, but out of all the places I’ve been so far, France has been my favorite.” Still, even as an avid traveler, AJ believes there’s no comparison for being at home. “There’s nothing quite like coming home and watching Netflix on the couch as a way to relax.”